Omnicell Inc. Unusual Options Activity: Slightly OTM Call Buying With Relative Size – Omnicell (NASDAQ:OMCL)

Omnicell Inc. OMCL experienced notable options activity. The majority of the trading volume centered around a single trade involving 300 contracts at a strike price of $60, with a premium of $83,967 and an expiration of 52 days from the trade date. This trade was identified as a call-buying transaction based on its distinctive features.

Key aspects of this trade include: – All 27 orders were rapidly executed (“sweep to fill”). – Each order was executed precisely at 3:59:45 p.m. EST. – All transactions occurred at the asking price. – The options all shared the same strike price and expiration date.

It is inferred that this trade was initiated as a “buy to open” order, as there were no existing open positions for this contract.

This options trade stands out due to the fact that since August 1st, 2023, Omnicell (OMCL) had not witnessed a total premium exceeding $80,000. To put this in context, the average call volume over the past 30 days had been 121 contracts, while this particular order involved a substantial 300 contracts. Comparatively, the total call volume for the entire day was 305 contracts. Notably, there were no put options traded on this specific date, despite the 30-day average put volume being 43 contracts.

As of now, Omnicell does not have any significant scheduled events on its calendar apart from the Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference scheduled for September 6th, 2023. The information regarding this unusual options activity was sourced from

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