“Haat dhowar haatekhori:” Revisiting the fundamentals of handwashing

Prevention is best than treatment and with few simple and easy measures, we will maybe stop most of the ailments that in any other case are likely to afflict us.

One such easy prevention measure to thwart ailments is the behavior of often washing our palms to maintain them secure and free from germs, a behavior, that was extremely evident in the course of the COVID instances. Nevertheless, these days, we appear to have forgotten to hold on with this wholesome and hygienic behavior, the need of which is as necessary now, because it was then.

The necessity to hold one’s palms clear and secure can’t be over-emphasised, as our palms are the recurring contact factors that contact, principally all we come into contact with; and unclean and unsafe palms are tantamount to transmitting germs that unfold numerous types of ailments.

The necessity for carrying on with correct handwashing is extra crucial now, with the onset of diarrhoea and different water-borne ailments, prevalent within the nation. If we will revive the common and necessary handwashing behavior that we adhered to in the course of the COVID instances, most of those ailments may be prevented. Easy measures of handwashing can be certain that our palms all the time stay secure.

Thus, realising the significance of re-instilling the wholesome and hygienic behavior of correctly washing our palms, SAFE HANDS initiated ‘HAAT DHOWAR HAATEKHORI,’ a programme to resume the momentum of retaining palms secure and germ-free and making individuals conscious of the necessity to proceed with the behavior.

The programme, held in a distant space of the nation, coincided with World Handwashing Day, with an purpose to achieve out to the periphery areas initially, after which transfer regularly inward. Thus, a distant space was inculcated into the programme, encompassing the native populace, each younger and outdated, alike.

The initiative, undertaken on the Union Parishad stage, organized “uthan boithoks” to interact the viewers with the core messages of the marketing campaign and witnessed an enormous gathering of native individuals of all ages, castes, and creeds, who, proactively participated in these periods.

To make the periods extra attention-grabbing, SAFE HANDS tapped into the ample wealth of Bangla literature and performed interactive periods with the individuals. Sayings, quotes and phrases of famend litterateurs and poets of the nation had been used, geared toward bringing dwelling the message of normal and correct handwashing in an entertaining and memorable approach.

The actions and interactions on the periods obtained a optimistic response, making the initiative a hit, and paving the way in which for transferring forward with but, larger zeal and function. We hope with additional such programmes within the huge untapped distant areas of the nation, it is going to be attainable to lift the specified consciousness stage relating to good handwashing practices and habits for the following generations to hold ahead with their secure palms.

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