Group offers ‘affordable’ options for everyday items

Things & Such, a group hosted in Maysville, has been offering several affordable options for items that are higher priced in stores for several months.

According to Sheila McBride, the group’s leader, the group started when she was in need of extra money. At the time, McBride’s husband was disabled and she needed extra funds in order to “make ends meet.”

Since she started the group to sell items that she no longer needed, Things & Such has grown more than McBride ever imagined, she said.

“It’s way bigger than what I ever thought it would be,” McBride said. She noted that she began to notice there were more people in the same position as her in life.

McBride went on to discuss how Things & Such benefits the community and surrounding areas.

As more and more people joined the group, several opportunities for more affordable options for individuals and their families became available. McBride said that every item posted in the group must start at a $1 bid, unless it is a previously reserved or item that is “buy now.”

She noted that items posted can be collected during the group’s weekly meet time at the Mason County Public Library on Sundays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The items are bid on throughout the week.

According to McBride, Things & Such benefits both the seller and the buyer in ways she hadn’t imagined when she started the group. While the items being sold give sellers the opportunity to earn a little extra income, the pricing also allows buyers to purchase items that they might not be able to afford otherwise.

McBride referenced a time where she posted a case of six unused cleaning supply bottles and the bid reached $5. She noted that buyers could not find six bottles of cleaner for $5 at almost any other location.

“Not only is it giving me a little extra money in my pocket, it’s giving the people that’s buying stuff a big discount on what they would normally have to pay, which is freeing up money to be able to help with other things that they may need or a bill or whatever,” McBride said. “It just makes me happy that I know that that person got what they need and it’s going to last them for a very cheap price. It’s not about making all the money to me, it’s about helping the community to be able to afford the things that they normally can’t…It’s more than just selling to me.”

McBride noted the current cost of living and pricing in stores. She added that, with cheaper prices through Things & Such, buyers are able to free up more of their income for other things they may need or want to do.

She explained that, by saving a few dollars on items posted in the group, several buyers have been able to dedicate more funds to bills and to do more with their kids, even if it only means a trip to McDonald’s.

According to McBride, the group is sometimes able to do other events or help families in other ways other than offering affordable pricing on certain items. Recently, the group participated in a school supply drive and was able to help 36 kids prepare for school.

She added that there was a time where the group was able to get together enough money to help a homeless family get into a place to live and have furniture in their home.

In addition to the group’s weekly meeting, Things & Such also plans to host other events such as yard sales and a trunk or treat. McBride said the group is hosting a yard sale this weekend from Friday through Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

There is no set end time for the yard sales, according to McBride. She noted that, at a previous yard sale, there were families that showed up after the written end time. She wants the sellers to be available for families that need to be there at later times, McBride said.

There is not currently a date set for the group’s trunk or treat but it will likely be the weekend before Halloween, she said.

For more information on Things & Such or to join the group, please visit the group’s Facebook page.

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