Credit Suisse AG Increases Stake in Hamilton Lane Incorporated, Indicating Growing Interest and Positive Outlook

On August 29, 2023, Credit Suisse AG announced that it had increased its stake in Hamilton Lane Incorporated by 4.3% during the first quarter. According to the recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Credit Suisse now owns a total of 100,430 shares of Hamilton Lane’s stock, after purchasing an additional 4,146 shares.

With this increase in stake, Credit Suisse AG now owns approximately 0.19% of Hamilton Lane, which is valued at $7,430,000 at the end of the reporting period. This indicates a growing interest on behalf of Credit Suisse AG in the investment management company.

Hamilton Lane recently released its quarterly earnings results on August 1st. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.94 for the quarter, surpassing the consensus estimate of $0.86 by $0.08. Additionally, Hamilton Lane generated revenue of $125.04 million during the quarter, exceeding analyst estimates of $115.79 million.

The net margin for Hamilton Lane stood at 22.93%, indicating a healthy profitability level for the company. Furthermore, it achieved a return on equity (ROE) of 33.99%, showcasing strong performance in utilizing shareholders’ investments effectively.

Market research analysts project that Hamilton Lane Incorporated will post earnings per share of 3.88 for the current fiscal year as a whole.

The increasing stake from Credit Suisse AG and Hamilton Lane’s positive quarterly earnings indicate a promising outlook for the investment management company moving forward into the remaining fiscal year.

Investors and analysts may want to closely monitor any further developments or changes in relation to Credit Suisse AG’s stake in Hamilton Lane Incorporated as it may impact both entities’ financial positions and market dynamics going forward.

Please note that this article is based on information available as of August 29th and may not include any subsequent updates or news.

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Hamilton Lane Incorporated Sees Interest from Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors in the Alternative Investment Market

Hamilton Lane Incorporated, a global investment management firm specializing in private markets, has recently seen changes to its positions by several hedge funds and institutional investors. Belpointe Asset Management LLC acquired a new stake in Hamilton Lane during the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year, adding to its diverse portfolio of investments. Similarly, CWM LLC increased its position in Hamilton Lane by 163.8% during the same period, following suit with the firm’s strategy.

US Bancorp DE also recognized the potential of investing in Hamilton Lane and raised its position by 71.5% during the first quarter of this fiscal year. This move highlights the growing interest in alternative investments within financial markets. Furthermore, FMR LLC capitalized on this trend and raised its position in Hamilton Lane by 44.6% during the second quarter, indicating confidence in the company’s performance.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc., another major player in asset management, significantly increased its position in Hamilton Lane by 321.4% during the first quarter as well. These notable changes demonstrate the appeal of Hamilton Lane’s stock and its potential for growth.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors currently hold approximately 67.13% of Hamilton Lane’s stock, further emphasizing their trust and confidence in the company.

As of today, August 29th, 2023, Hamilton Lane’s stock opened at $91.34 and has a market capitalization of $4.93 billion. The stock has performed well over time but is subject to market fluctuations due to factors such as investor sentiment and overall market conditions. Its price-to-earnings ratio stands at 31.39 with a beta value of 1.12.

Hamilton Lane’s average moving prices have been relatively stable with a fifty-day moving average price of $85.56 and a two hundred-day moving average price of $76.92 as of today’s date.

Investors should note that Hamilton Lane Incorporated has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.31, indicating its conservative approach to financial leverage. Additionally, the company maintains a current ratio and quick ratio of 2.93 each, indicating good liquidity.

Investors can also expect a quarterly dividend from Hamilton Lane. The company recently disclosed that it will be paying a dividend of $0.445 per share on Thursday, October 5th. Shareholders of record on Friday, September 15th will be eligible for this dividend payment. The ex-dividend date for this payout is set for Thursday, September 14th. This dividend represents an annualized rate of $1.78 per share and yields a percentage of approximately 1.95%. Hamilton Lane’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) stands at 61.17%.

Several analysts have recently published reports on Hamilton Lane Incorporated, with varying recommendations for investors. Oppenheimer increased its target price from $93.00 to $97.00 and assigned an “outperform” rating to the stock in their report dated August 2nd of this year. Wells Fargo & Company also boosted their price objective from $77.00 to $87.00 in the same report while maintaining an “equal weight” rating.

Furthermore, The Goldman Sachs Group raised its price target from $78.00 to $89.00 but provided a “neutral” rating in their report published on August 2nd as well.
JPMorgan Chase & Co., meanwhile, upgraded its recommendation to “overweight” and increased its price target from $96.00 to $102.00 in their report released on August 2nd.

In agreement with these assessments, Morgan Stanley upped their target price from $84.00 to $89.00 and maintained an “equal weight” rating in their research note dated August 3rd.

Currently, based on data from Bloomberg’s consensus ratings, Hamilton Lane Incorporated has received a rating of “Hold” with an average price target of $92.00.

These reports highlight the varying opinions from analysts regarding the current and future performance of Hamilton Lane’s stock. Investors should consider these perspectives when making investment decisions.

With the recent changes in positions by notable hedge funds and institutional investors, coupled with analyst reports and dividend payouts, Hamilton Lane shows promise for growth in the alternative investment market. However, investors should conduct thorough research and carefully evaluate their risk tolerance before making any investment decisions related to Hamilton Lane’s stock.

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