30 People To Watch In Web3: Mark Yusko — Helping Traditional Investors Ride Wave Of Alternative Investments

Mark Yusko is an investor and advocate for Bitcoin and the crypto space.

Known as co-founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Yusko focuses on alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and blockchain technology.

Yusko also promotes the importance of portfolio diversification and alternative assets, and he has often spoken about the benefits of incorporating alternative assets into investment strategies.

“The greatest wealth is created by being an early investor in innovation,” Yusko tweeted. “Making that investment requires believing in something before the majority of people understand it. You will be mocked, ridiculed & criticized for your non-consensus action. It is absolutely worth it!”

Yusko is also credited with popularizing the “endowment model” of investing, an approach inspired by the investment strategies of large university endowment funds that include alternative asset classes beyond stocks and bonds.

Yusko supports Bitcoin BTC/USD as a potential store of value similar to gold and believes it could play a more significant role in the future of finance.

In a recent interview, Yusko compared BTC with gold. The hedge fund manager explained how gold is not portable or divisible — something Bitcoin is known for. “Bitcoin fixes both of these issues and is equally scarce,” Yusko said, predicting that the value of Bitcoin, currently at $539 billion, could catch up to gold.

On “The Mark Yusko Podcast,” he talks about investment trends and market insights and interviews experts in blockchain, crypto, and other alternative investment fields.

In an interview with the YouTube show “Reimagine – Crypto & Blockchain Virtual Conference,” Yusko expressed his enthusiasm for DAOs as another key to changing the paradigm of the financial system. “The DAOs are a digital structure that allows us to migrate away from these historical legacy systems,” Yusko said.

Why Yusko Is Someone To Watch In Web3

Web3 has many great, vocal leaders, but Yusko is more likely than most to have the ear of traditional finance and the strength of “alternative investments” as part of a robust and diversified portfolio.

In 2022, Yusko was still holding out for a near-term $100,000 price for BTC — that hasn’t come to fruition yet. Still, true believers like Yusko are more likely to make “laser eyes” a reality because they help usher serious institutional investors and large net-worth investors into the crypto space.

Yusko’s significant experience in traditional finance and interest in changing the dynamic opens future investors to new worlds of possibilities, driven in part by the strength of crypto and blockchain technology, making him someone to watch in the Web3 space.

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